05 abril 2012

Discografía Completa de Nirvana

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mas iformación tras el salto...
Official Nirvana Discography, I will be putting out a seperate Discog for bootleg material.
320, 500x500 art, proprtly tagged. I omitted as much redundant content as possible.

Studio Releases
 1. Bleach [2009 Deluxe Remaster]
 2. Nevermind [2011 Super Deluxe Remaster]
 3. In Utero

 4. Incesticide
 5. Nirvana

Singles & EP's
 6. Blew [UK Only EP]
 7. Sliver
 8. Hoarmoaning
 9. Oh, The Guilt*
 10. Singles Box

Live Releases
 11. MTV Unplugged 
 12. From The Muddy Banks...
 13. Live @ Reading

Box Sets
 14. With the Lights Out**
 15. Sliver: Best Of The Box**

*Note1= A Forgotten single, it was split with a track from Jesus Lizard (which I omitted), this is the real version and not a copy from the box set. The box set version has the lighter clicks removed.

**Note2= I extracted the audio from the DVD, and included noth, audio, and video rip. Sound quality is somewhat inconsistent. But mostly low quality, given the equipment used in that time period.

***Note3= I only included the 3 additional tracks not in the full box as the rest would be redundant content.

Enjoy and please seed!


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